Stemoscope + The ZenStemo App

for mindfulness and yoga lovers to
🧘 Find your inner balance
πŸ’“ Track your biological ageΒ 

Learn your meditation performance

It is fascinating to see how HRV changes as you incorporate moreΒ mindfulness, meditation, sleep, and especially physical activity into your life.


Measure your pet's heart rate

Heart rate is one of the vital signs that reflects the health conditions. When your pet is on medication, the heart rate may help judge the effect of the treatment.


Check if the heart rhythm is regular

Irregular heartbeat can be easily recognized by our ears. It may indicate some health conditions. Catching the abnormality can trigger diagnosis.


Listen for heart murmurs

Heart murmur is another symptom that can be associated with heart diseases. You may either detect the murmur by yourself or ask your veterinarian to listen remotely.

Help you achieve the meditative state

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a very common disease in cats. It is the major cause of heart failure in cats. Most cats get this disease between the ages of 4 and 8. 55% of cats with HCM present with no symptoms at all. Unfortunately, a fair number cats are discovered to have HCM when they present to the veterinarian already in congestive heart failure. An even more upsetting scenario is the discovery that a cat has HCM when it presents as an emergency with sudden painful hind limb paralysis. However, some abnormality can be detected with a stethoscope, such as a heart murmur and/or an abnormal rhythm.

Wearable strap makes the listening much easier

The Stemoscope Pet Kit comes with a short and a long strap, suitable for small and big pet respectively. Wearing the Stemoscope on your pet with the strap can eliminate the noise induced by the frictions between the Stemoscope and the pet and let your hear very clean and clear sounds.
Some pets can get nervous when they see the veterinarian. It can be difficult for the veterinarian to listen to a nervous panting dog or purring cat. Record the sounds at home and play them to your veterinarian during the visit. Your veterinarian will be amazed by the superb sound quality!

Enjoy the soothing sounds from your pet

Either a dog's or a cat's heartbeat sounds or a cat's purring sounds are very soothing and comforting. Just simply tune in with your warm cuddly pet and relax.