Why is the ambient noise level in the Extend Range Mode higher than in Bell Mode?

In the extend range mode (20 – 1000 Hz), the ambient/background noise is higher than that in other modes such as bell mode. There are three reasons:

  1. At extend range, the sounds picked by the Stemoscope have a wider frequency range, so when the Stemoscope picks up more signals, it also picks up more noise.
  2. The noise at the higher frequency range (200 – 1000 Hz) is more audible than that at the lower frequency range (20 – 200 Hz) because our ears are more sensitive to the high frequency sounds.
  3. When the audio signals are amplified, the noise too. If you lower the volume level to the level close to that of a traditional stethoscope, the ambient noise is less audible. Actually the ambient noise level of Stemoscope is similar to that of a traditional stethoscope. However, the digital amplification of the Stemoscope amplifies the noise and make you feel the noise level is higher.

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