Use Stemoscope

Questions encountered when Stemoscope is used

How to display heart rate?

In the heart theme/page of the Stemoscope App, choose the bell mode (20-200Hz), and then put the Stemoscope over your heart for at least 8 seconds. The App may start to display heart rate. It can only display heart rate for regular heart rhythm.

How to use Stemoscope to do live stream/share?

You can output the audio from the audio jack of your phone that runs the Stemoscope App to a computer or another phone that runs a software/app that supports live stream or share, such as Skype.

Does Stemoscope support Bluetooth pairing?

No. Stemoscope doesn’t support Bluetooth pairing, so please do not try to pair it in the system settings of your phone. Stemoscope doesn’t require Bluetooth pairing to work. It is different from a Bluetooth earphones or a Bluetooth speaker.

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