BabyStemo – let you and your baby listen to the heartbeat from each other

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  • Hear your baby’s heartbeat generally from the 25th week. Some expecting parents can hear as early as the 16th week but it really depends since this device does not use ultrasound that can be harmful.
  • Soothe your newborn baby with your recorded heartbeat sounds. Your heartbeat is the best lullaby for your baby.
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BabyStemo can be used both before and after a baby’s birth.

  • Listen to the heartbeat of your lovely baby

BabyStemo listens to the weak fetal heartbeat in a way like that an expecting dad puts his ear on the belly of an expecting mom to listen. However, after the heartbeat sounds are sent to a smartphone wirelessly, the BabyStemo App de-noises and amplifies the sounds and makes them more audible. Then you can hear, record and share the precious moment with the App. Since the way to listen is natural, you may wait till the 25th week or later to hear the heartbeat, though someone can hear as early as the 16th week.

  • Make the best lullaby for your newborn baby

Womb sounds can help soothe crying baby. Mom’s heartbeats are the major rhythms of womb sounds. According to a research published in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, infants exposed to the heartbeat sounds even gained more weight because they cried less (Source: The role of the heartbeat in the relations between mother and infant). Record your heartbeats and play them to your baby after he or she is born. Your heartbeat is the best lullaby for your baby.

1 review for BabyStemo – let you and your baby listen to the heartbeat from each other

  1. Lionel (verified owner)

    Before purchasing this product, I spent a lot of time to look for the best product to listen to our baby’s heartbeat. In general, there are two types of products, fetal doppler and fetoscope. Baby doppler uses ultrasound, which could induce hazards if not used correctly. FDA issued a warning on using fetal doppler at home for this reason. So fetal doppler was bypassed. Fetoscope is difficult to use because you need to use your head to press the bell against the belly. It is impossible to use by the mom. The stemoscope is actually a “smart” fetoscope, but it is not required to use the head to press the device. According to the description, it filters and amplifies the sounds. It is the ideal choice for us. However, it is mainly used to detect hearbeats in the third trimester or so. Earlier than that the baby is moving too much and the other body noises are too loud to be able to isolate the heartbeat.

    This product is very inexpensive and well built for what it is. The major part of it is made of metal with chrome finish. It is pretty neat. My wife loves it a lot.

    The app is well designed. Please note there are two apps for the product. The stemoscope app is for general purpose while the babystemo app is the right one for listening to baby’s heartbeat. Just make sure the right one is used.

    Be aware that if you hold the stemoscope with your hand, some noise from your hand will obscure other sounds you are trying to hear. It is best to simply place the stemoscope on the belly, as instructed in the app.

    When I received the product, our baby was week 28. We just spent several minutes to find the best location to place the stemoscope, but this does depends on a lot of factors such as the baby position and the week.

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