Stemoscope - Listen to the Sound of Life

Stethoscope redefined. The Stemoscope lets you discover the sounds of life. You can record and share these sounds at ease and use them for STEM education, recreation and many other purposes.



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Many sounds of life awaits your discovery

Traditional stethoscopes are used by medical doctors for auscultation - listening to the sounds of the body for medical diagnosis. The Stemoscope , on the other hand, can let us experience a lot more: we are surrounded by tons of internal rhythms coming from the human body, animals and plants, but seldomly notice them. Tune into these rhythms today with the Stemoscope and delight yourself with many surprises.


Truly wireless listening experience

Stemoscope transmits the sounds to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The phone processes and amplifies the sounds and sends them to Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth hearing aids or wired earphones, in real time.

Let’s listen to some sample sounds in the introduction video

Sounds of life have many bass (low pitch/frequency) components, and the typical smartphone speaker is not good at playing them. To ensure the best listening experience, we recommend you to use your EARPHONES or HEADSET 🎧.

Featured in media all over the world

The Stemoscope is sensitive enough to pick up more pronounced sounds fairly clearly – especially for educational purposes that do not require extensive distinguishing of more subtle heart sounds.

- Dr. Alice Ferng, M.D. Ph.D., Medgadget


Stemoscope in Action - Video Review

The Stemoscope is fully complementary to a stethoscope. Iconic classic stethoscopes are still preferred the most by doctors to do diagnosis and treatment of the disease in their daily practice. On the contrary, the Stemoscope can be ideally used for non-diagnostic or non-treatment purposes, such as education, training and sharing of some interesting auscultatory sounds where applicable. Instead of replacing a classic stethoscope with a digital stethoscope, many doctors choose to get a stethoscope plus a Stemoscope.

"When you hear something cool and you want to record it. You want to have another personal listen to it or if you're doing teaching with medical students. How great would this be? Just put it there and everybody gets to listen as you record the sound."

- Dr. Carlo Oller, board certified emergency physician in US

"I wholeheartedly recommend it. I think it's a great product. I'm really impressed. It's rare that Kickstarter's kind of deliver on everything that they promise but credit to Stemoscope. I think they've really followed through with this one."

- Ollie Burton, 2nd year medical student of University of Newcastle, UK

"Have to say one of the most impressive features of the stemoscope is the quality of the sound..."

- Dr. Norah Sadek from Australia.  She reviewed Stemoscope and compared it with Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200. She recorded two pieces of audio with Stemoscope and the 3200 respectively. Which one sounds better?

One device, many free Apps

Besides the "Stemoscope" App is designed for general applications, the "BabyStemo" App is designed for expecting and new moms to listen to their babies' heartbeat and soothe their newborns, and the "PetStemo" App is designed for pet owners and vets to monitor their pets' health and enjoy their pets' soothing sounds. All the Apps are free and available for both iOS and Android. More Apps are on the way....


Save and share Your Most Important Moments

Have you ever felt so excited that you could feel your heart beating in your chest? Have you ever experienced the wonder of hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child? The truth is, life is full of incredible moments like these, now you can record, share and save forever these precious moments.

See what you hear

Not only can you hear these incredible sounds of life, but the audio can also be visualized as a waveform and spectrogram within the Stemoscope APP, which helps you learn and identify the characteristics of each sound better. Let the rhythm of life come alive visually.


Record your “womb sound” for your baby

According to scientific research, babies are soothed by the sound of their mother’s heartbeat while in the womb. This effect continues after birth. With Stemoscope, a mother can record her heartbeat and play it back to her baby, helping to calm, quiet and relax her little one.

Smaller than any digital stethoscope in the world

1.5 inch (38 mm)
Thickness 0.4 inch (11 mm)
Weight 1.1 ounce (30 gram)
Battery Rechargeable, 50mAh
Power 5 hours continuous use per charge
Working distance 2 meters
Frequency range 10-1000 Hz
Digital amplification x16 in STEM mode
Connectivity iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with BLE, iOS 7.0 and above Android 5.0 with BLE and above

Detect more sounds

While not known to most, everything in nature has a frequency and creates a unique sound. Even plants and trees have detectable sounds. With Stemoscope you can explore the incredible sounds of the nature around you. It is a tool that opens your door to science and nature in a new and exciting way.

Listen to the heartbeat
Listen to the heartbeat
Listen to the blood pressure
Listen to the blood pressure
Listen to the dog's heartbeat
Listen to the dog's heartbeat

A life long gadget

Maybe you are inspired to get a Stemoscope for one of its applications, but you will find out it can be used for so many different purposes in various stages of your life.

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