Choose between Stemoscope and Stemoscope PRO

You may have noticed we are introducing Stemoscope PRO to the world. Many people are asking what is the difference between the normal Stemoscope and the Stemoscope PRO and how to choose between these two. Hope this post can help you make the right decision.

Before we answer your questions, let’s take a look at the comparisons between these two, as shown in this table.

Comparisons between the normal Stemoscope and Stemoscope PRO.

Both of these two versions are supported by our Apps. Both of them can connect to Bluetooth earphones bridged by the App. So, both versions provide the basic functions as a smart listening device. However, the Stemoscope PRO provides more as indicated by the name ’PRO‘. While the Stemoscope is designed for everyone including general consumers, pro consumers and professionals, the Stemoscope PRO is designed for medical professionals. For example, the noise cancelling feature can be important for medical professionals. At home, it is easy for us to find a quiet place to listen, so that it is not necessary to cancel the noise – there is no much noise, but in a hospital or a clinic, there can be some ambient noise and noise cancelling can be helpful. It is worth to note that you may hear a similar level of noise with the normal version as a classic stethoscope, but the digital amplification may make you feel the noise level is higher because when the signals are amplified, so does the noise. Another feature of the PRO version is direct connection to Bluetooth earphones. There are some benefits to use the App to bridge the wireless connection between the device and the Bluetooth earphones. You can record while listening or you can see the vivid sound waveform. However, some medical professionals might not be willing to pull out their smartphones when they do auscultation – though they may not need to pull out but put in their pocket with the App running. They may just want it to work as simple as a traditional stethoscope. The direct Bluetooth connection between earphones and the PRO can match that experience. The Bluetooth earphones are so popular and comfortable today!

Now you may get the answers after we make the comparison. Basically, either one is not good or bad but suitable. If you are a medical professional, you may choose the PRO. If you need a device urgently, you can still choose the normal version because it is more affordable and simply does the job most of the time.

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