About Stemoscope

In theory, with Stemoscope you can hear most of the sounds that can be heard with a traditional stethoscope.

If you are using Apple’s iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, you can search “Stemoscope” in the App Store of your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and install. Please note if you are using iPad, you should choose “only for iPhone” when you do the search. If you are using Android phones, you can search “Stemoscope” in Google Play and install.

Stemoscope is designed from hardware to software to protect your data and privacy. Firstly, there is a physical switch on Stemoscope. When it is switched off, the power supply is cuff off physically and there is no opportunity for the Stemoscope to sense sounds when it is off. Secondly, the data transfer between a Stemoscope and your phone is encrypted. Thirdly, the data are saved in your phone or pad and you have full control on your audio data. It is similar to those photos you take and you have full control on them.

No. Each time, a phone can only receive sounds from a single Stemoscope. If you want to record from multiple Stemoscopes, you may need to use multiple phones.

Yes. The Stemoscope provides many options for you to share or export the audio files.

The audio signals are saved in a non-compressed “.wav” file.

Compared with digital stethoscopes on the market, Stemoscope has many advantages. Firstly, Stemoscope is much smaller, and measures only 38 mm in diameter and 11 mm thick. Secondly, Stemoscope is wearable. Thanks to the compact design and strap accessory, you can wear it on your body, your pets or anywhere you are interested. Thirdly, Stemoscope is powered by a great App. Last but important, Stemoscope is very affordable.

Stemoscope is an input device, output and sound quality experience depends on the cellphone and earphones. As an input device, the Stemoscope sound quality is very good! You may refer to independent reviews to see how professionals said about Stemoscope. For example, there is a side by side comparison with an electronic stethoscope of a different brand https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUjZMZCmKQU.  You may also listen to those audio samples we recorded with Stemoscope on our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO5TlYi3dtdA7Yfp_6KdW8A. According to some comments from who listened to the Stemoscope sounds, the Stemoscope sounds are very natural and very close to what heard with a classic stethoscope.

Currently the App only runs on iOS and Android. If you want to connect Stemoscope to a computer, you need to use a phone/pad to bridge. By doing so, the Stemoscope transmits signals to your phone and the phone can transmit the processed signals to your computer via your phone audio jack and an audio cable.

Yes. The sounds will be sensed and transferred from your Stemoscope to your phone/tablets and then your phone/tablet will transmit the audio signal to your Bluetooth earphones. Bluetooth earphones can’t be connected to a Stemoscope directly.

No. Stemoscope transmits the audio signals to a phone or a pad via Bluetooth and then the signals are processed and played on the phone or the pad, so a phone or a pad is needed to use a Stemoscope.

iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch with BLE, iOS 7.0 and above; Android phone (Samsung, Huawei etc) with BLE, Android 5.0 and above.

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