Stemoscope + The BabyStemo App

for EXPECTING and NEW parents to
🀰 Hear your baby's heartbeat
πŸ‘Ά Soothe your newborn with your β€˜womb sound’

Let’s listen to some audio samples recorded with BabyStemo

The internal speaker of a smartphone is generally not good at playing such kind of bass sounds, so please wear your EARPHONES 🎧 and adjust the VOLUME πŸ”Š to listen.

These sounds were recorded with "Turbo" on. The baby's heartbeats are more audible. It is recommended to use this mode when you look for the best location to listen to your baby's heartbeat.
These sounds were recorded with "Turbo" off. The baby's heartbeat sounds are less audible but more natural. It is recommended to use this mode after you have found the best location to listen.
You may watch this vLog on Youtube ▢️ to see how it is used.

Listen to, record and share your baby's heartbeat

Stemoscope picks up the weak fetal heartbeat similar to a traditional Fetoscope or a Pinard horn. However, after the heartbeat sounds are sent to a smartphone wirelessly, the BabyStemo App denoises and amplifies the sounds and makes them more audible. Then you can hear, record and share the precious moment with the App.


Safer, more comfortable and natural than Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler (ultrasound heartbeat monitor) emits ultrasound to a baby's heart and synthesizes the heartbeat sounds based on Doppler effects. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warns the use of Fetal Doppler at home due to safety concern; the ultrasound from the Fetal Doppler could induce excessive tissue heating and bubble (cavitation) and these effects are unknown (source: FDA website). Different from Fetal Doppler, Stemoscope does not use ultrasound, but simply denoises and amplifies the weak sound signals from the baby's heart and make them audible. Therefore, it is much safer, more comfortable and natural, and suitable for home use.
 Fetal DopplerStemoscope
UltrasoundYES. There is safety concern to use ultrasound at home according to FDA. (source).NO. Stemoscope does not use ultrasound, so there is no ultrasound energy on the baby.
GelYES. Ultrasound coupling gel is needed, which is cold, sticky and gooey.NO. Since no ultrasound is used, no gel is needed and it is more comfortable.
Natural soundsNO. Just provide an audible simulation of the heartbeat.YES. Stemoscope amplifies the real heartbeat sounds, which are natural.

Record your 'womb sounds' to soothe your baby

Womb sounds can help soothe crying baby. Mom's heartbeats are the major rhythms of womb sounds. Record your heartbeats and play them to your baby after he or she is born.



Stemoscope and the associate App are not medical device and should not be used to monitor your baby's health.